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A simple, approachable board management app

Document storage, meeting schedules, discussions, member accessibility and permissions all in one place. With BoardBinder, you can finally stop emailing attachments back and forth and focus on getting things done.

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BoardBinder Features

Organize & manage your documents

Upload your documents to automatically share them with the rest of the board. The other members will immediately be given access, and the weekly email keep people in the loop by letting them know which new documents are available to view.

Adding and removing documents in BoardBinder

Shared scheduling

Stop fussing with complex calendar sharing and put your meetings in BoardBinder. We'll automatically remind people when events are coming up, and the documents can be found right alongside the meeting details.

Meeting events and documents in BoardBinder

Centralized & confidential discussions

Discussions work like email you're used to, but offer secure document linking and a confidential option. History is saved in BoardBinder for current and future members.

Adding and removing documents in BoardBinder

Add & remove members

BoardBinder makes it easy to add and remove people at any time. When terms expire, remove access for those rolling off and welcome others aboard easily.

Handling board turnover in your board binder

Keep your members up-to-date

An important part of board governance is communication with your members. Each week BoardBinder automatically sends an email with new documents and upcoming events. Let BoardBinder work for you!

Weekly automated email from BoardBinder

The Boardbinder app is a very user-friendly way for people to access documents on a secure site. As the administrator, it is so easy to upload, archive or delete documents, as well as to give or remove user access. Our users appreciate the ease of site as well. This app has met a very real need for our organization.
Nancy Funk, Administrative Assistant for Western District Conference

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