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Built for Administrators

BoardBinder is a simple approach to working with your board members. Upload the latest documents, schedule upcoming meetings, start discussions, and manage member access quickly and easily.

Documents, scheduling, & discussions

All board documents in one place

Upload your documents to BoardBinder to automatically share them with the rest of the board. The other members will immediately be given access, and the weekly email keep people in the loop by letting them know which new documents are available to view.

Managing documents in BoardBinder
Managing documents in your board binder

Schedule meetings & events

Add upcoming meetings and events to keep your board members in the know. Have multiple boards or committees? No worries, BoardBinder events are specific to their respective groups so your members only see events that are specific to them.

Managing meeting schedules in your board binder

Start & save discussions

Discussions in BoardBinder work just like email for your members, but allow you to securely link documents and save the discussion history in a place everyone can access.

Having discusions in BoardBinder
Managing meeting schedules in your board binder

Add, remove, and manage member turnover with ease

Add board members directly to your board binder

Control who can access your board materials

Decide exactly who is able to see your uploaded documents on a group by group basis. Send multiple invites at once and even include a personal note to go along with the invites. Add or remove members at any time making it easy to manage board member turnover or see who has access to the group at a glance.

Need to delegate? We’ve got it covered. Promote members in leadership positions to admins so they can upload documents and add events.

Learn more about managing access

Keep you members up-to-date

You focus on managing your documents and schedules, and BoardBinder will do the rest. Every Monday, an email will automatically be sent out to all of your members with the latest documents and upcoming events that they need to be aware of.

Weekly automated email from BoardBinder

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