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BoardBinder is is designed to be secure, yet easy to use. If you have any questions or concerns about how accounts and documents are handled, please contact us.

Protecting your accounts & documents

No passwords?

One of the first things you'll notice is that you are never asked to create a password. Instead, you give us your email address, and we send you a link to log in automatically.

While this may not be something you're used to (though it's becoming more popular), this makes your BoardBinder account as secure as your email (which is true of almost every password-enabled service through the "forgot my password?" option anyway).

Plus, by not asking members to create yet-another-password, they can't use "password1" due to their insecure, bad habits.

Passwordless Authentication

Confidential discussions

For sensitive topics or an extra level of precaution, mark a discussion as "confidential". Members will only receive a login-protected link to BoardBinder, keeping the actual text and documents out of their inbox and off of their computers and phones.

Using Discussions
BoardBinder confidential email discussion

Automatic log out

BoardBinder will automatically log you out after 12 hours. This keeps you logged-in for your workday while you go back and forth on documents, but logs you out in case you forget. Prying eyes can't open BoardBinder from your email or browser history two weeks later!

No attachments?

Most members will primarily use BoardBinder through their inbox. The automated weekly email does a great job of keeping people in the loop and aware of new documents.

You'll immediately notice that these emails use links to documents, instead of attaching the documents themselves. Even if those emails are forwarded, BoardBinder can still confirm that the person clicking the link has access to your BoardBinder. And, access can be removed or documents be taken down without leaving stranded attachments in old inboxes.

Weekly automated email from BoardBinder

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