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Board members in your board binder

Designed for Board & Committee Members

Access all the files, discussions, and meeting details you need in one place with BoardBinder, quickly and easily. Keep yourself up-to-date with the weekly update emails that notify you of new documents and events.

Documents, scheduling, & discussions

All board documents in one place

Forget digging through your email, or trying to find your Dropbox or Google Drive invites and shared links. BoardBinder keeps all of the files in one place, no strings attached. When you need to pull up documents for your next meeting, just open BoardBinder.

Using documents in BoardBinder
Using documents in your board binder

Meetings & events

Log in to BoardBinder to find a list of events for boards or groups you’re a part of. No need to filter through a calendar where any and all events are listed. Only your event details, whenever you need them.

Using meeting schedules in your board binder

Find & continue discussions

You no longer have to dig through your email to find your board conversations, or worry about being left off of replies. Everything is saved in BoardBinder for all to see.

Using discusions in BoardBinder
Managing meeting schedules in your board binder

Stay updated on the latest documents and events

BoardBinder is designed to make being a board member as easy as possible. Each week BoardBinder will automatically send a recap of new documents and events that have been added for you to check out.

Weekly automated email from BoardBinder

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