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Managing Access

Your BoardBinder is an invite-only system. You have full control over who can see which files, and can remove access at any time.

Invites sent by BoardBinder

When you add new members to BoardBinder, we'll send an email for you. You don't have to explain where things are or how to get to them — we'll take care of it.

BoardBinder board member invite email

Handling turnover

When your boards and committees change hands, you can easily review who has access to remove and invite new people as needed. When the new invites go out, they'll have access to all of the archived documents and history. Anybody who was removed from the board will no longer be able to see those files.

Adding and removing members in BoardBinder

Supporting your members

Not everyone is a computer-whiz. While we strive to make it as easy as possible to use Boardbinder, you may get questions. That's why your BoardBinder has a support form which gets sent straight to you — so that when there are questions, there's no question about how to get the answers.

Getting help from an admin in BoardBinder