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A Better Email

BoardBinder makes sending documents easy and safe. Your board gets emails like they're used to, and you get all the benefits of using a real app — centralized conversation history, document access control, attachments via secure links, and even a "confidential" setting for sensitive topics.

BoardBinder admin view discussion BoardBinder discussion reply by email

As easy as email

Because BoardBinder discussions work just like email, nobody needs to learn anything new. Reply to the email like usual, and BoardBinder will take care of the rest.

Centralized history

Discussions will be saved in BoardBinder, keeping the history in a shared place. Unlike regular emails, there are no mixups over reply vs reply-all, and you can even let future board members catch up on conversations they weren't a part of.

BoardBinder example folder screen

Secure attachments

Attached documents will be added as links that only your BoardBinder members can view. This helps keep private information private (whether people forward the emails by mistake or on purpose) and you can remove access to those documents if you need to.

BoardBinder admin home screen

Confidential if you need it

For sensitive topics or an extra level of precaution, mark a discussion as "confidential". Members will only receive a login-protected link to BoardBinder, keeping the actual text and attachments out of their inbox and off of their computers and phones.

BoardBinder confidential email discussion